Holiday Aftermath

Victim of my cleaning frenzy.

The Christmas decorations are down and packed away, pine needles no longer litter the floor, and  since all my friends were too exhausted to go out tonight, I find myself with some time to process the holiday aftermath. 

My body can’t handle anymore sugar, anymore alcoholic beverages, anymore excessive living.  My wallet can’t handle anymore swipes of the credit card.    Sounds like it’s time for some New Years resolutions, right?

Perhaps, but I feel like January 1 resolutions are disingenuous.  People make tenuous promises based on the premise of a new year and a fresh start.  Inevitably, the vast majority of them fail because they were based on a date and not a change of heart.

I’ve been mulling over a quote Pastor Felix posted on his Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago.  

“We must be secure enough to admit our mistakes, smart enough to learn from them, strong enough to correct them and disciplined enough not to repeat them.”

If I can claim to have any resolution this year, it’s all wrapped up in that statement.  I took a good, hard look at myself in the mirror tonight and wondered, am I strong enough to do what’s actually best for me instead of what feels best?  What kind of woman do I want to be?

16 thoughts on “Holiday Aftermath

  1. I hear ya about the resolutions – best to be aware and work towards what you would like to be without rigid rules … My resolution has always been – “Everything in moderation… including moderation!”

  2. I’m also not into New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s because of circumstances beyond your control or not, it’s always frustrating when you can’t fulfill them.

    That quote is excellent.

    From what I know of you through reading your blog, I think you can do anything you set your mind to.

  3. I think you’re asking the right questions and that is a good sign. And I like the picture. You seem to have a talent for finding the beauty in small things.

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