It all happened so fast

Between the piles of the Coupeville Pier, seagulls were swimming back and forth.  I got plenty of pictures of that, but then one took flight.  If I hadn’t already been in the process of putting my camera away, I could have gotten more shots.  Sometimes good moments happen too fast!  I am happy with this one, though.

19 thoughts on “It all happened so fast

  1. Excellent shot – I love the leading lines and the light bringing out all the detail on the wooden polls – the bird is just the cherry on the top – well done !!

  2. One word…the birds must LOVE you and totally hate me with a passion that can’t even be explained!!! Oh, wait…one word…SWEET!! I love this image Jolene, great composition, love the leading lines (even that dang bird)! 😛

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