Coupeville Cat

Towards the end of our photo walk on Saturday, Jen and I spotted this cat sunbathing on the ledge of one of Coupeville’s shops.   Like a lot of animals I find lately, he patiently posed for a minute before scurrying away.

11 thoughts on “Coupeville Cat

  1. I agree with Lisa and David…It’s the tension in the cat’s expression that makes this portrait so interesting. I also like the composition and how the diagonal of the rooftop and the lines of the window and building siding converge. Nice shot!

  2. To me, it looks like you interrupted it’s stalking of some poor prey! Hehehe. 😛

    I agree with Lisa, I prefer these kind of shots over the “just sitting there” kind! 🙂

  3. Pretty kitty, and great photo too! You can see that the cat’s natural curiosity and it’s instinct to flee, are battling it out. To me this is more interesting than a photo of a cat sitting all relaxed.

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