More Fun with Corks

My four-day weekend has officially begun!  First order of business – catch up on photo editing.  I need to finish the cork photos from Trisha’s house last week.  I love the natural color of the outdoor shots, but I’m thinking about using a sepia tone for some of the indoor.  To me, there’s a nostalgic feeling that accompanies the change of tone.  Eventually, I’d like to narrow it down to the three best and print them on canvas.

12 thoughts on “More Fun with Corks

  1. I like the use of shallow DOF which works well with the vertical crop – and the choice sepia tone fits the subject really well

    1. Thanks for your feedback on this shot – I was worried about the sepia tone initially. I shot in color, and edited in PhotoShop, which basically lets you choose how deep you want the sepia tone. I hadn’t played with it before in PS.

  2. Love the sepia and the DoF on this. I’ve always liked the idea of saving corks with a note as to when and with whom the wine was consumed. Lovely shot!

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