What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear?

Santa’s sleigh and reindeer took the form of a UPS truck and left another package for me today.  This one came from my dad, Grant, and his wife, Deb,  in Minnesota.   The first thing I noticed when I opened the box, was the truffles strategically placed on top.  And, after wondering which one I should eat first, I thought about how to photograph them.  Of course!   I was immediately drawn to the musical notes truffle (which tasted as good as looked). 

These truffles are made by Delectables by Dori in Starbuck, Minnesota and come in such enticing flavors as dark chocolate cherry, hazelnut, Irish creme, and orange.  Then there’s milk chocolate, and white chocolate – some with lemon.   Okay…time to eat some!



10 comments on “What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear?”
  1. I was a little sad when some of these DIDN’T show up to work…sniff (you know me and chocolate)! 😛

    1. Well, Rick rick ate a lot of them… lol.

  2. Mike says:

    Looking at your shots of this, the corks, cookies, etc., maybe you should be collaborating with Emily on her new food site. You both seem to have a gift for food photography.

    1. Mike, if I were to get going on food photography, I’m sure I would eat more than I took pictures of!

  3. Did you have to post this photo?! Now I’m going to be craving chocolate for a while.

    I am beginning to think you work for a chocolate manufacturer . . . This really looks like an advertising shot.

    1. If ONLY I worked for a chocolate manufacturer…life would be so good!

    1. How can you go wrong with chocolate?? 🙂

    1. Why, Nigel…I think you may have a sweet tooth!

      I sent truffles to a friend in London once, and they all melted in weird ways by the time they got there.

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