This has been a lazy day.   There were things I wanted to get done, intended to get done, but I got sucked in by the Janissaries terrorizing the poor Irish in The Stolen Village and gave up on doing anything else. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I don’t take photos everyday.  Oftentimes I’ll take pictures of multiple subjects on a photo walk so that when I am having a lazy day or week, I’ll still have something to post about. 

Today’s photo, for example, comes from a few miles down the road.  I took it last Sunday along with some pictures of flooding and old boats.   The rusty colors in this old, askew post make a good addition to my Rust Canvas collection.   As I was considering it, I thought this might end up bothering David, who loves clean, straight lines.   We shall see…



9 comments on “Askew”
  1. cigi says:

    Love it! Beautiful colors, texture and DoF.

  2. Hahaha, you know me don’t you! Although it does lean, I do like the photo Jolene…but, I do love rust photos! 😀

    1. I’ve been taking pics with you too long now, David! 🙂

  3. love the blue with the rust Jolene – nice shot! I take images when I am inspired.

    1. Thanks, Sheila – I think that’s the only way to get a decent shot sometimes. You have to be inspired, or you don’t “see it”.

  4. I am shocked! You don’t go out in all kinds of weather capturing the latest in Bellingham for us?! 😉

    Those colours are really interesting.

    1. No…sorry…sometimes I opt for the comfort of my home. Ha!

  5. Jolene, I do the same thing with photos given my work schedule, my health, and helping raise my grandson… There isn’t always time in the day.

    I really like this capture. There is actually something so beautiful about the rust, the beautiful blue, and the hole. You certainly have a creative eye… ~ Maria

    1. Thank you, Maria. It was the contrast of the blue and orange that drew me to this post.

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