Cherry Carnage

In my experience, people either love or hate Queen Anne Cordial Cherries.   I fall into the love category, but it’s a truly guilty pleasure.    They’re messy, too sweet, too sticky…but I can’t resist them!



10 comments on “Cherry Carnage”
  1. nigel says:

    Great photo.. and congratulations for having the willpower to leave the choc there whilst you took the pic 😉

    1. That was tough to do. That chocolate was devoured shortly after I got the shot I wanted. 🙂

  2. This is certainly an advertising shot for Queen Anne Cordial Cherries. Just looking at the picture certainly makes me want to try them. Beautiful capture, as always ! ~ Maria

    1. Don’t try them, Maria! You won’t be able to stop!!

  3. This is so not what I expected from the title! Thought it would be a lot of crushed cherries.

    I don’t know what these are, but you make them look good.

    1. You mean you don’t have cordial cherries in South Africa? You’re probably better off. Really.

      I’ve been watching some war movies with my neighbors recently. So, when I took this shot today and saw the severed chocolate with the cherry filling oozing out, it kind of reminded me of a battle scene. Hence, Cherry Carnage. Haha. This is what happens when it gets too dark to take pictures outside when I’m done with work in the evenings! 🙂

  4. Cipher says:

    Nice. I get a sugar rush just looking at that picture.

    1. I could make myself sick on these things! I’m glad I only think about them around Christmas time!

  5. "Slow" says:

    I have to agree-its weird though-not a big cherry fan, but this in this form, I cave at first sight lol-and congrats on breaking 6000!!

    1. Hey Rick, you should come over and help me eat these things. Jess won’t touch ’em.

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