I Want A REAL Tree…

What do you do when your roomie wants a real Christmas tree and you feel indifferent?  You call your friends, buy some hot apple cider, and then drive into the country to find a real tree, of course. 

Here is the proper way to locate the perfect tree and cut it down yourself. 

First you find a U-Cut tree farm with a great view.

Wander through the farm until you find a tree you can’t live without.  Give it a big hug.

Ask Andy to give you a quick lesson in saw basics.

Feel empowered.

Before you get too involved in the cutting, it’s important to have someone hold your glasses.

Put a little muscle into it.  That tree isn’t going to cut itself down. 

After it’s down, have Andy  help you walk the tree back to the truck.    Rick will be texting people about it.

Drink hot cider while the boys finish the job.

16 thoughts on “I Want A REAL Tree…

  1. Hi Jolene. I like how you told this story through photos, with just enough text to make it funny. Love your photos too. Erin

  2. So…in light of my new-found daughter, who I think has my eyes 😉 could that mean you are my baby’s momma? lol

  3. Sure gad you bring your camera with you so many places-we would have a hard time remembering all the great things we do and places we go-just may have break out the 35mm and give you some more competition!

    Oh and Heather-HAHAHA! That was priceless and wont be forgotton 😉

    1. Oh, oh–I just went back and re-read the ‘roomie’ and ‘call your friends’ part again, and realized that ‘daughter’ was not even mentioned. My humblest of apologies.

      1. Haha. No worries whatsoever. I should post an “about me” section one day. We only get slices of life by reading each others blogs, so it only make sense to fill in what’s missing. Clearly, Rick enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. I LOVE this! Is that your daughter (though she looks a lot like Rick, maybe his little girl?)?

    Thanks for giving me smiles this morning! Love the humour and live coverage–just a lot of fun. I only have one question, though–Where’s the snow??

    1. The snow, sadly, melted the day after Thanksgiving when the weather warmed up and it started raining again. Ah, the joys of the Pacific Northwest! In the winter it’s rain, rain, a little snow, rain, rain…wind, rain.

    1. We did have fun! I hadn’t been to that particular tree farm before, and was happy to discover their fantastic view. Actually, we are almost surrounded by mountains where I live. It can be cold here sometimes, but it’s beautiful.

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