Favorite Search Terms

I was reading Lisa’s blog this morning, and she mentioned the random search terms people used that ultimately connected them to her WordPress blog.   This got me looking at my own site stats, and I found some interesting things!  Now, I have absolutely no idea who actually is doing the searching.  All WordPress tells me is that someone, somewhere typed one of these terms into Google or another search engine, and that lead to Jolene’s Life in Focus.  

These are some of my favorite search terms from the past month.

learn to love guinness
love yourself
jolene artist alfalfa
дикие животные  (What does this mean??)
the revenj of the missipp squarl  (interesting way to spell it…)
statistics on cat scratch fever
blowing in the wind
pub photography
deciduous leaf litter
pictures of things in focus
cat paws
snow caps candy
“neptune theater” and “haunted” or “ghost”
hard life in Africa
busted laptop
how to take a self portrait with a cell phone
ireland door art
tromme Tanzania
wild animals
wild things on facebook

Also, Since August, I was searched for by name 82 times.   Not bad!

Sorry, I have no photo of the day for Thursday.   Instead of playing with the Canon, I helped my friend Ian decorate his Christmas Tree tonight.   It was nice to play the role of friend instead of photographer, so the camera stayed at home.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Search Terms

  1. That’s an interesting set of search terms. It’s fascinating to watch how people find your site. And the Russian search term in your list translates to “wild animals”.

    1. That’s funny! Apparently my squirrel shots have been quite popular. The interesting thing to me is, I’ll go to Google or another search engine and type in these terms, and I definitely don’t come to my site.

      1. How the search engines work is a mystery to me. One weekend I had about 50 search engine hits on a post about how to display live streaming video from the International Space Station, and when I tried the search I never got my site. And I haven’t had a search engine hit on that post since.

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