Snow Caps

This is just my quirky sense of humor coming out, but the snowfall on these little weeds, flowers, and leaves almost looks like hats. 

The first, a Tyrolean hat from the Alps; the second, a Russian Ushanka; the third, a simple men’s flat cap.  What do you see?

6 thoughts on “Snow Caps

  1. I didn’t see the “Russian Snowmen” till I read Heather’s post…now I do! Love the snow pictures…wish we had snow this weekend, funny how close we live to each other yet…sigh. I like the third picture, has to be the colours!

  2. Hahaha! I think you’re right (though I have no idea what a Tyrolean hat from the Alps is). Boy, I sure can’t wait to take some snow pictures…

    Anyway, what I see in the second picture are two tubbly snowmen (one with a russian pillbox hat) clinging to the twiggery like long lost cousins at a family reunion.

    As usual, you’ve been very inspirational. Always love your photos.

    1. I have to be honest, I didn’t know what a Tyrolean hat was either until I googled “hats” to look for the name that went with the image in my head. I learn something new everday! Thanks again for your wonderful feedback on my photos. 🙂

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