First Snow!

I was sitting by the fire last night, editing photos to use in my Harris Avenue Cafe display next month, when Jess walked into the living room exclaiming “Oh my God!”

Apparently I had been so focused on my editing that I didn’t see the blizzard happening out the window behind me.  This gives me a couple of reasons to be thankful. 

First of all, we were blessed with snow on a day I don’t have to work.  Secondly, I got to practice taking pictures with the Canon with the added challenge of reflected light off the snow.  I think we’ll definitely need a lot more snow for me to get this figured out…maybe some trips us the mountain…for the sake of learning, of course.



12 comments on “First Snow!”
  1. cigi says:

    Beautiful. Has me longing for some real winter!

    1. I hear this is going to be a long winter…so, more to come! I imagine you don’t get much winter weather down in So. California.

  2. Snow. One thing that Africa unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of. Looking forward to lots more snow shots! 🙂

    1. You know, after the power went out for the second time today and I was freezing, I was wishing to be in Africa. Ha. Most of the snow has now turned into a sheet of ice…

    1. Sunny 16 snow-photo walk soon?

  3. erica says:

    Im ready to go to the mountain, as soon as i can get out of my! then we can stop at northfork for pizza and beer,…

    1. I like that plan, Erica!

  4. Cipher says:

    I like them. Snow can be challenging to shoot. No snow (yet) where I am, too far south, so I did a road trip to Bellingham, Blaine, and Birch Bay today. Nearly froze a few times but I got some good shots. Need to explore that area more.

    1. That’s a long drive for snow!! Hope you post some of your shots!

  5. Beautiful capture ….. makes me want to head to the mountains and see snow !

    1. Thank you! Hopefully we’ll get a lot more of the white stuff this year. Last winter – nothing.

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