Still Thankful

I was convinced that no force on earth was strong enough to keep me from my camera or my blog.  I was wrong.

A stomach flu knocked me down the past couple of days.  With literally no strength to even pick up a book, I watched hours of daytime television…and then primetime television as I faded in and out of consciousness.  That being said, I was not out taking any new photos or thinking of anything interesting or inspiring to write about.  However, keeping with my spirit of thankfulness, I am grateful to have survived the flu and for neighbors like Andy who brought me soup and saltines.  

This picture was taken on a photo walk a couple of weeks ago.  The familiar Northwest rain may give way to some snow this weekend.  Instead of water droplets, I could maybe getting some pictures of snowflakes…

14 thoughts on “Still Thankful

  1. Having stomach flu is really miserable. Are you all better now? I am glad to hear that you had people to take care of you while you were sick.

    I am really enjoying your “Thankful Series”. Although I don’t know any of the people you talk about, your love for your family and friends is inspiring. And of course, the photos are as wonderful as usual.

  2. Jolene, I am sorry to hear you are under the weather, please rest and take are of you. What a beautiful picture of the raindrops on the leaf. It was raining here in Southern California (something rare for us) so we are enjoying it today. I look forward to seeing some beautiful pictures of snow… Maria

    1. Thanks, I plan on avoiding any and illnesses for the rest of my life after that one!

      I should disclaim – I don’t want to drive in the snow, but I do want some good snow photos!

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