Hot Glow

I was going to post this shot later in the week, but I found this picture and the hot glowing details so fascinating that I just couldn’t wait. 

With no electricity, the stone fireplace centered in the old Shaw Island cabin was the only source of heat this weekend.  A half circle of wooden rocking chairs formed around it, and my friends and I shared stories and Jam Jar wine as the rain fell outside.   Not a bad way to spend a November day in the Pacific Northwest!

5 thoughts on “Hot Glow

    1. The cold will arrive soon enough, I’m sure. I heard this winter is supposed to be a rough one, and I’m anxious to see what that produces in terms of photography. Thank you for re-visiting my blog. 🙂

    1. I appreciate the feedback. There was a lof of magenta in the shot initially when I got it on my computer. I ended up toning it down a bit to get the reds to pop the way they do.

  1. I agree, a very pleasant way to spend the weekend. It also helps that you were able to poke fun at a certain friend for not being able to FREAKIN TAKE A PIX OF THOSE DAMN BIRDS!!! 😛 hehehehe

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