Revenge of Attack Squirrel: Feeding Time

Sitting under a tree on the far side of Whatcom Falls parking lot on Saturday, we found a woman feeding Cheetos to the squirrels from her car.   Apparently, her windows being open, the squirrels had jumped in and started terrorizing her.  Throwing Cheetos on the ground lured them back out.  See, they do attack!

10 thoughts on “Revenge of Attack Squirrel: Feeding Time

  1. This entry cracks me up Jolene…thank goodness no one asked if the squirrel had African or European blood in him (coconut…come on, someone has to get that reference). I have a few squirrel photos and I must agree, they can be a tad…moody here! 😀

  2. I’m in the Pacific Northwest as well. Squirrels definitely have an attitude here. Maybe it’s the long winters. I have one in the yard who likes to sit in a tree and bark at me. Maybe he’s calling the others….

    1. The raccoons here have quite the attitude as well. If only I had my camera the time I turned around to see a family of them (including babies!) staring at me through my patio door. If I had to spend a winter outside in the Northwest, I’d be scheming to get inside too…

  3. Where do you live?! I’ve just never encountered an aggressive squirrel, and we see lots of them–even the chipmunks that will come near people are overtly cautious. I checked out your link, and they even seem to have different colouring, too–have never seen yellow on them. We typically get red squirrels, but the black ones seem to be coming farther north, too.

    But maybe I just don’t get out enough! That little guy looks so cute–especially with a cheeto.

    1. I’m in the Pacific Northwest, close to the Canadian border. Mostly the squirrels do run away, but I think they have gotten used to people in this particular park and know that people usually have food…I’ve never been chased by one before now! I’ll have so start carrying food to thwart potential attackers. Haha.

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