The Wrong Side of Everything

Day one on the wrong side of everything?  Success.  No humans or animals were harmed, despite the best efforts of the sheep that ran in front of us, and  I attribute this to Paul, a brilliant driving instructor and navigator.  Unfortunately, we had to part ways this evening, and I drove to Kilkenney alone.  This was terrifying, but I made it.   

Suicidal Sheep

Today was absolutely beautiful.  Paul and I drove through the Wicklow Mountains, on roads about half the size of Northshore.  I believe he expected me to drive off a cliff or into oncoming traffic, but again – I survived.    We spent most of the day in Glendalough walking through a forest to a lake and then back to an old monastery. 

Tower at the old monastery.  I felt quite small today. 

I arrived in Kilkenny too late to enjoy the castle, but tomorrow I’ll get an early start and be the first one in before the hordes of annoying tourists with cameras descend upon the place.   Um, wait….let me clarify.  I support tourism and cameras.  I don’t support hordes of people standing in the way of an otherwise good photo. 

Image from outside the LOCKED doors of Kilkenny Castle.

Tomorrow I’m off to County Cork!  Provided I can find the motorway again, this should be a great adventure!

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