The Irish Really Do Love Guinness…A Lot

Image from Trinity College

What a great day!  I woke up to a wonderful Irish breakfast, followed by a brisk walk (in the SUNSHINE) to Trinity College.  The main objective of the morning was to get the college tour and view the Book of Kells, which I did after spilling out all my Euros on the ground trying to pay the guide.  Typical. 

After viewing the Book of Kells, the tour of Trinity College empties into the Long Room, which is literally what it is.  The Long Room is filled, floor to ceiling, with books that are hundreds of years old which can’t be touched or PHOTOGRAPHED.   And believe me, as a photographer that was the single most remarkable thing I saw today in a sea of truly exceptional subjects.   Ladders extended three stories past shelves packed with leather bound editions, carefully illuminated by sunshine.   It was like drooling over a locked pastry case. 

I followed this with a walk through the National Museum of Ireland and National Gallery of Ireland, impressed by the works of Jack B. Yeates.   A stroll through St. Stephen’s Green led my seriously aching feet to St. Patrick’s Cathedral before I made my way back to the hotel to take a nap.

Images from St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This evening I met up with my new friend, Paul, and was thrilled to meet some local people who could give me advice on the essentials of Ireland.  This was all over several rounds of Guinness.  I cut myself off after two…but the rest of the table, all of Paul’s friends, threw back at least five or six.   In the United States, it’s not uncommon to see someone buy a pitcher, or everyone order a different drink.   At the pub, everyone ordered Guinness.  (Picture forthcoming.)   I didn’t believe it before going, but Guinness actually DOES taste better in Ireland!    

So…tomorrow I rent the car and learn to drive on the wrong side of everything.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers please…and everyone else on the roads.

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