If only I could remember the name of the pumpkin patch where I took this picture!!

The word International always reminds me of my dad, because it reminds me of farm equipment.  So, this picture I take for my dad.  🙂  I miss all of you in Minnesota and hope you are having a great Autumn so far. 

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  I wish I knew!  On someone’s farm in Mount Vernon, Washington

2 thoughts on “International

  1. Jolene
    Enjoyed the one on Grandpa’s Cookie Jar. Late this summer a couple of times I bought a bag of those orange candy peanuts, because they brought back memories of when I was little and I would be waiting with my siblings in the back of the station wagon for Dad to come out of the grocery store. We would be so happy when he bought us those orange candy peanuts. Thought of good times. Love Mom

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