Playing with Shadows

I have never had a bad experience at Harris Avenue Cafe, and I’ve been going there for years.  I’ve taken most of my boyfriends or prospective boyfriends there.  In fact, in the seat closest to the door leading to the outside dining area, a man once told me he’d spent more money on meals for me “trying to get somewhere” than any other girl he had ever dated.  What could I say but, a girl’s gotta eat?

The day I got these shots I was sitting alone soaking up the sun in one of the two tables by the windows.  I had just left the most awkward voicemail for a man I haven’t seen in a few months and I was trying to distract myself – so I started playing with the creamer (which I never use).  Then, I noticed the Harris Avenue Cafe shadow on the half wall just inside the entrance. 

I don’t mind eating alone, actually.  The single life is easier – especially if you can avoid leaving voicemails when your blood sugar is low.  Yikes.  The Eggs Toulouse (with salmon) made it better, though.

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