“I  like real problems, the human condition – twisted, darker stuff.” ~ Drea De Matteo 

Camera: Canon 40d
Location:  A resting place; Bellingham, WA



11 comments on “Twisted”
  1. Thanks, Heather. I love that thought.

  2. Heather says:

    Gorgeous! Love the lighting in this one, and the quote. This picture makes me think–the sun was meant to be kindest to the things that appreciate it most.

  3. cigi says:

    Dark and twisty indeed. Love this one!

    1. jolenehanson says:

      Thanks! This is now one of my favorites.

  4. You and twisted? hahaha…me thinks I will be quiet now…coffee in the a.m.?

    1. jolenehanson says:

      Shoosh, David! And of course we can have coffee in the a.m.! I’ll be heading in early tomorrow. Well, you know 8ish. lol.

  5. Nice shot – certainly twisted and dark.

    1. jolenehanson says:

      Thank you, Sheila! I had been in search of something more colorful yesterday, but I like how this turned out.

  6. I really like this shot! Maybe it’s the moss growing on the twistede branches, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the mysteriousness of the whole scene. Anyway, great job!

    1. jolenehanson says:

      Thanks! I was worried that this shot wouldn’t turn out the way I actually “saw” it, but was pleased with the results when I got home.

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