What Are You Looking At?

Not all cats are as amiable as Psycho Cat.   This unfriendly feline refused to pose for more than a few seconds before scampering beneath the building.  She kept an untrusting eye on me until I was far enough away to no longer be a threat.  Then she emerged to polish off the cat food scattered on the ground.

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Between Fairhaven and the boardwalk to Boulevard Park;  Bellingham, Washington



5 comments on “What Are You Looking At?”
  1. Awww, another cat shot! Great composition Jolene, definitely makes the viewer wonder what the little fellow is thinking!

  2. Ikah says:

    Great Catch. She is so cute. <3.
    I like the balance of colours.

  3. Can’t you just imagine all that’s going on in the mind of this cat? This is a great shot with such an expressive subject. Ah, the elusive cat!

    1. jolenehanson says:

      Thanks! She’s probably wondering who that strange woman with the camera is and why won’t she let me eat?? Haha.

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