Autumn Outside Uisce’s


I haven’t posted  a picture from my Droid in a while.  Since that is how this blog began – picture a day on Droid – I thought I’d find something of interest.  The leaves have started to fall, especially outside of Uisce’s Irish Pub downtown Bellingham.  Of course, the traditional reds, yellows, and browns that I actually captured weren’t quite as pleasing to the eye.  So, once again the PicSay Pro application helped change the hue.  Again, the best $1.99 I ever spent on an App!

On a side note, being the Manhattan addict I currently am, Uisce’s make the best.  There’s a delicate balance of bitters, sweet vermouth, and whiskey.  No one ever gets this right EXCEPT for Uisce’s.   I think it’s Jonathan that invented the “smokey” Manhattan that the owner, David, later would laugh at when I ordered.   However, the traditional version is still my favorite.  With Jameson.

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