Walking to Boulevard

I was watching the Bellingham State of Mind video on YouTube thinking, yes – I love living here!  Whenever I entertain the thought of moving back home to Minnesota, I’ll take a walk down to Boulevard or drop by my favorite coffee shop and suddenly those thoughts disappear.  

In a nutshell, I’d say I’m most in love with The Upfront Theater, Temple Bar, Bayou on the Bay, Boundary Bay, Woods Coffee, Village Books, Tony’s Coffee, Harris Ave Cafe, The Black Cat….you know, I could keep going.  It’s a long list!  Oh yeah, and Uisce’s Irish Pub, Mount Baker Theater, The Black Drop Coffeehouse, Paper Dreams….And that’s just what I can come up with in 60 seconds.  I love it here!   I’m sure any of you Bellinghamsters out there have your own lists.  🙂

Camera:  Canon 40d

7 thoughts on “Walking to Boulevard

  1. Yeah, that part of the Northwest really is heaven on earth. Being away is an agony I hope you never choose for yourself, Jo.

    BTW, Great pic

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