A Dose of Political Incorrectness for the Weekend

Here is how my mind works.  I was looking at this picture that I took between Boulevard Park and Fairhaven – which reminded me of autumn.  This reminded me of Thanksgiving, which made me think of Indians…erp, Native Americans, which then caused me to free associate over to thoughts of my friend David and a conversation we had one morning on our way to coffee.   

Me:  It’s cold outside, Tonto.

David:  Tonto? 

Me:  Yeah, cause you’re an Indian…

David:  ~rolls eyes~

Me:  When I was in elementary school, we used to sing this song in music class that went like this, “One little two little three little Indians, four little five little six little Indians, seven little eight little nine little Indians, ten little Indian Boys!”

David:  (shocked silence)  Dude, that is so wrong.  We sang it too, but it ended in “ten Indians in a row”.

Me:  In a row for what?

David:  (Shrugs) But, how would it sound if it were “One little two little three little white boys?”

Me:  No one would ever sing that.

David:  Exactly.  And you wouldn’t hear black boys or any other ethnicity either.  Why is it okay to pick on us Natives?

Me:  Good question.  One little two little three little white boys…

David:  ~Rolls eyes again~

The baristas over at the Starbucks in Burlington Fred Meyer probably think we are insane.

4 thoughts on “A Dose of Political Incorrectness for the Weekend

  1. I have a very vague recollection of a picturebook that I encountered during my first couple of years of life over in Germany…. it was a picture depiction of that song (more or less) but it was black little boys!! So it isn’t just Natives! Of course, this was Germany in the 70’s so I’m not sure if that counts toward this discussion.

    1. That’s interesting! Maybe it’s something we adopted from German culture? Lol. There are a few other songs coming to mind that don’t seem quite right either. The joys of pre-politically correct public education!

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