Everyone Needs an Andy

Skype conversation between Andy and I tonight – practice run for if, when I go to Ireland, things go very very badly:

Me:  Hello?  Help!  I’m chained to an effin radiator in Galway!

Andy:  Don’t burn yourself.

Me:  You don’t care.

Andy:  You’re warm and have company.  What’s there to be worried about?

Me:  There’s no whiskey.

Andy:  Be right there after I finish my rum and coke.

Me:  Thanks Mr. Knickers.

For everything from photo walks, to drinks, to saving people from dungeons in Ireland, everyone needs an Andy. 

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Railroad across from the Marina and then Temple Bar;  Bellingham, WA



4 comments on “Everyone Needs an Andy”
  1. jolenehanson says:

    Aw…Skpe me tomorrow and maybe that will end up on WordPress with tomorrow’s secret pics…

  2. love the leave photo, awesome DoF!
    Woot to Andy…but, sniff sniff, what about the David’s?

    1. wow, of course I meant leaf! 😉

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