It’s the End of the World

Ok, another gross exaggeration on my part.  But, it is the end of the summer, and I’m taking it out REM style.

That’s great, it starts with a wedding cake
Pauli, Karl tie the knot
Listen to my heart drop
Cheating boyfriend
Hit the road
Moving forward with this heavy load

Can’t seem to find the eye of the hurricane
bittersweet 4.0
Tapping out equations on a Casio
Flying home, feel alone
Return to battle false hope blown

Trying to distract myself to save myself
Leavenworth, sunburn
Feeling my stomach churn
San Diego, whiskey drinks
Uh-oh CEOs and patios
Riding an Irish horse
Never really good, of course

Parking ticket
Italian night, Snookified
Whiskey texting

Bloodletting, endless mire
Talking through a forest fire
Dreams that wake me up at night
30 bucks will be required

Fireworks, Croatians on the patio
Salmon swimming up the street
Pride, rainbows, vibrating rings and other things
Timbits in a box
Photo projects for the lost

Port Townsend
Ferries, lushes, sacred places
Lighthouse, wishing rocks
White wine, warm sand, open spaces

Bassett dates, never late
Andy Pants, birthday plans
Flight to Dublin booked on Droid
New friends and Jameson

Photo walks, photo days
Blogging, jogging
Canons, Nikons, Droids, iPhones
Birthdays, weddings, bachelorette
Forgiving, forgetting, moving on

Chris, Jess, Ella Rayne
It’s really hard to maintain
The smile, the laughs, when thinking that I’ll miss you before you’re gone

The other night I dreamt of old  friends, now in a deep divide
Hugging, smiling once again
Reconciling, moving forward
Shaking off the mire

Yes, it’s the end of the summer (as I knew it). 
And I feel fine.

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Fort Worden, Washington

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