Epic Disaster Simulation

Well, the bad news is…Mount Baker blew up following some seismic activity which resulted in an ash cloud over Bellingham and the flooding of the Skagit River.

The good news is…by the time the bridges were washed out, blocking our escape route, and the toxic fumes from the train fire reached Regence, we’d already shipped our remaining employees down I-5 to the Seattle office.

Um, huh?

This was the scenario and subsequent actions of the Local Incident Response Team this afternoon at work.  Once a year our team convenes to “respond” to a scenario using principles of the National Incident Management System.  Hopefully nothing this major ever does happen.   But, mock disaster exercises are fun!

I was struggling with what picture to post with this story, but I settled for some orange traffic cones that have been in the employee parking lot this past week.  Because nothing says epic disaster simulation like an orange cone…

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 100

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