Shells and Slime Trails

Ignore the slime trail and focus on the beauty of the shell for a moment.  I had only seen the hollow remains of these little snails scattered across the parking lot at work until today.  Apparently Kim sees them all the time and moves them back to the grass if she catches a stray trying to cross the hot tar.  But, this was my first sighting and I was grateful to have my Nikon on me after a failed attempt to capture the delicate yellow shell with my Droid.

I was busted by a fellow co-worker who happened to be leaving work at the time.  He just laughed at me and shook his head.  I don’t care.  This is a cool picture!  And, as you can see, this little guy was somewhat damaged.  Maybe Kim found him later and moved him to a safer place…

Camera:  Nikon Coolpix 100

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