An Explanation of Ink

It always elicits some type of response.

When the temperature rises and I finally succumb to the heat and don shorts, there’s one thing people always say to me after their eyes recover from the blinding light reflecting off my pasty legs. “I didn’t know you had a tattoo!”

This is often followed by questions and then a commentary on why they either like or don’t like tattoos in general, stories about their experiences with ink, or an explanation of why they’ll never get one.

So what’s my story? Actually, I used to be one of those people who said they’d never get a tattoo. For reasons I can’t now remember, I changed my mind following a trip to Africa in 2007. There was an album I was in love with at the time by Angelique Kidjo called Djin Djin, which featured a butterfly with Africa in the wings. It was feminine and beautiful, but also symbolic. Josh at Industry Tattoo in Bellingham did a great job replicating it and adding to the design.

However, after having the tattoo for a few months I decided it looked odd all by itself. To celebrate the fact I’d just completed my “probie book” and a year with the fire department as a volunteer, I added on. I wasn’t a fan of the typical masculine fire tattoos with Maltese crosses, so I chose a branch with orange leaves that turned to flame. Once again, Josh did his magic. I was extremely pleased with the end result and highly recommend Industry!

This picture was taken on the beach in Port Townsend following another explanation of the ink. There was a period of time when I questioned why I did it, but now it’s become a part of me, and I’m glad I chose to do it.

Camera: Motorola Droid
Apps: PicSay Pro
Location: In the hot sand beneath the lighthouse; Port Townsend, Washington

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