Let’s Try this Again

My friend David was having such a great time over on WordPress that I had to switch over from Blogspot.  The features on this site seem to be a bit more robust, so I’ll give it a try!

In short, David and I are both photographers with different tools.  I use Nikon, he uses Canon.  I use a Motorola Droid, he uses an iPhone.  I think together, we come up with some interesting subjects.  He has motivated me to stick with the photography on plenty of occasions.

The focus of this blog will be to do a picture of the day, but whether that happens to be something from Nikon or off of my camera phone remains to be seen.  My Droid is always with me, so I’m more likely to capture those ordinary things that inspire me. 

To kick it off, I’m going to add a sample of my Nikon work and Droid work.

This photo was taken on my Droid at Temple Bar in Bellingham.  I remember that night I was enjoying a whiskey drink of some sort, preparing for a trip to Minnesota. 

I grabbed this shot on my Nikon a couple of weeks ago at Marine Park.  This homeless, somewhat hostile fellow began his troubled journey down the train tracks only to end up naked on the beach screaming at an imaginary girlfriend.  And no, I did not photograph that…

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