Como Zoo

The last time I visited Como Zoo in St. Paul, I was twelve and peeved about the fact I couldn’t get a giant stuffed seal and concerned about the repetitive swimming movements of the polar bear.

Today I returned, but had a much more positive experience. Although, I still have the same concerns about the polar bears. The one we saw today kept walking into a door and then backing up, shaking its head. I am convinced that Howard Hughs’ soul somehow searched the earth and possessed this unfortunate creature. It repeated this exhausting behavior the entire time we were there.

What made the visit a positive one was spending it with Lilly and Isaac. Their favorite exhibit was the butterflies, which was a sealed tent in which you could wander among them (but NO touching!). Hundreds of butterflies of all sizes and colors fluttered overhead and occasionally landed on them. I think they’ll be asking Carole to go back soon!

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