Temple Bar

Jess “Four Squared” us at Temple Bar tonight. I tried this drink called the Sazerac: rye whiskey, bitters and sugar with an absinthe rinse & twist. My tastes are clearly changing, because I enjoyed it.

I had to laugh because Temple Bar, being my favorite in Bellingham, is where I end up taking most of my dates at some point. There’s some memory at most every table or seat at the bar. There are a couple of tables that have drawers where patrons leave little keepsakes, usually random notes or useless junk from their pockets or bottoms of their purses. I love sitting at those tables because you can spend an entire visit to Temple Bar just looking at the objects people leave there.

Another thing about this place is the chalkboards in the restrooms. My old roomie, Katie, and I used to leave messages to each other on the chalkboards while we were there. And, I just found out, Jess likes writing on them too!

I see more visits to Temple in the near future!

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