Purple Haze and Frog Legs

Despite the absence of my favorite “Shady Chef” Jimmy, I still like going to Bayou on the Bay every now and then. Last night there was a delicious andouille sausage-stuffed ravioli dish in cream sauce on special, which did not disappoint.

What truly impressed me though, was the size of the frog legs! Steven was a little harder to impress. Being a good Southern boy, he added hot sauce to everything. However, he seemed quite satisfied with the Purple Haze.

I snapped this second shot as we crossed the parking lot to get to Uisce’s. I liked the shadows against the old concrete wall.

Because of my photo of the day project, I’m noticing that I eat out quite a lot! I’m not sure if this is a good thing? I’m fearing lots of extra calories to the waistline.

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