Ireland Forever

I used to be Irish. Ok so technically I can’t alter my genotype, I’m nearly 100% Norweigian, but I was once married to an Irishman! With a last name like Donahue, I held a tenuous thread of allegiance to a country that wasn’t my own. Now that I’m “Hanson” once again, all I can do is wear green and celebrate the fact that on March 17, we’re all Irish!

I do plan on visiting Ireland this fall! After reading Angela’s Ashes, Limerick began pulling on my heartstrings. Sadly, Frank McCourt passed away last summer, so my dream of meeting the man who wrote such a moving tale will never come to pass. (He had been living in New York, so that would have been a shorter trip.) However, there are plenty of things I look forward to other than Limerick, and I’m sure they’ll be the future topics of photo-blogging.

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